November 18, 2015

Major Projects

This year, tremendous support has been shown from parents and the community for several major projects identified by the Board of Directors of the NHSEF. This energy and support has motivated the School District to partner with NHSEF to accelerate the timeline on several of these projects.


Much has changed since the auditorium at Niwot High School was built in the 80’s and this project’s goal was to bring many improvements to the place where our kids perform and learn. The Education Foundation funded $25,000 in order to upgrade the lighting systems in the auditorium, along with additional upgrades provided by the school district.



niwot_sign-1024x682Digital School Marquee

The Education Foundation funded $25,000 to build a digital marquee which is prominently displaced in front of the high school. This will allow Niwot High School to share information with our entire Niwot community.


 lang_lab-300x200World Language Lab

There are new developments that improve how foreign languages are taught, and this project aims to bring the ‘state of the art’ into Niwot High School. Working with the St. Vrain School District, the Education Foundation committed $25,500 to upgrading the computers over a three year period, commencing with last school year.



Information Media Center

The most ambitious project is to radically improve the Information Media Center (IMC). Libraries that we grew up with don’t meet the need in our increasingly technical environment. This project updates the library/IMC at Niwot High School to better meet current needs of the students and better prepare them with the tools they will use in the future. The drastic improvements of this project have been identified by leveraging research on best study environments, providing effective collaboration spaces, and enabling the use of multi-media tools.

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